Audiobooks—the WHY

Why turning your book into an Audio Book can help you attract & keep fans,

make more sales, and enlarge your platform

With sales growing at an annual rate of 20% if your book marketing package doesn’t include audio books, you could be missing out on a growing number of book fans.

The audiobook market is booming, with 20% growth annually for the last three years, expanding faster than and driving the demand for the sales of print books, according to a recent Audio Publishers Association Audiobooks Survey conducted by Edison Research.

Consider the reasons why you, the author or rights holder, might want to consider adding an audiobook option for your book.

  • Increases your total sales and overall revenue. Having an audio book available as an option not only boosts the sales of your print books and e-books, but it makes your ideas more accessible to your customer base.
  • Makes your product stand out and offers more availability. A spike in sales could mean a back order on your book, your readership could find itself waiting for your title to become available. No problem with an audio book option. With a few clicks, fans can have your audio book in their ears in a matter of moments, taking the sting out of waiting.
  • Increases number of books read. Avid audio book listeners prefer to listen when their eyes are doing something else. The ease of use has many avid users turning those ‘wasted minutes’ into productive time. Whether waiting in line, shopping or gardening, avid audio book listeners are adept at squeezing time out of a day to “read” with their ears. On average, audio book consumers listens to 15 audio books per year.
  • Listeners are less likely to miss details, skim or skip ahead. When we’re being read to, we enjoy the story telling process. Even if it’s a page turner we like to linger in a good story. We’re glued to that voice and hanging on every word. We even listen through the “boring parts.”

Consider the reasons that your customers LOVE audiobooks are reasons that you want to offer them this option. These reasons include:

  • Fits a fan’s busy lifestyle. Nothing says you understand the needs of your fans like having a book available on all platforms. In 2017, nearly 60% of audio book listeners were between the ages of 25-54. This demographic includes upwardly mobile millenials, parents, and career professionals who have higher income but no time to read. Audio books fit neatly into their demanding schedule.
  • Simplifies multitasking while listening. Reading is still considered one of the leading ways to increase knowledge. But let’s be real. If we must slow down our life to stop and read a book, the truth is that many of us just won’t. We get most of our information “on-the-go” during the pauses that we find throughout any given day. Of all users over the last year, 57% have listened to an audio book from their smart phone, while 52% listen through computer and an additional 50% on tablets. An audio book makes it possible to cook, craft, commute or enjoy a long flight or road trip while consuming audiobooks. Citing the current Audio Publishers Association survey, 78% of audio book listeners do so because they prefer to do other things while listening, with 75% of those enjoying the convenience and portability.
  • Offers a more fun experience. Who among us doesn’t enjoy having a story read to us? Plug in your earbuds or crank up the audio and get carried away! It lets us close our eyes and delve into the tale, fully releasing our imagination. Having a book read to us is a guilty pleasure and affords a way to digest more books.
  • Can listen when unable to read. The audio book is an “on demand” storyteller that never gets tired, and narrates when the room is too dark, when eyes are too tired, during illness or other reasons that readers find it difficult to crack open a book. Additionally, it provides non-readers access to books.
  • Helps struggling readers. A child who struggles with reading can still develop a deep appreciation of books and overcome this difficulty with audiobooks. Kimberly Moran cites over half a dozen advantages for young children to “read with their ears.”
  • Cuts down on TV watching or playing video games. Good news for parents! Audio books can be listened to with others at home or during ride time in a car. Exposing children to more sophisticated language, without them having to decode words, improves language skills, according to a WestEd Study. Listening to audio books “dramatically increases the number of fluent words a student hears and is the most effective way to increase vocabulary acquisition and retention, up until late middle school… listening comprehension outpaces reading comprehension until the age of 13.” USA Today reports that, according to a new study by Joseph Devlin, head of experimental psychology at University College London, and funded by Audible, listening to audio books is more emotionally engaging than watching film or TV.
  • Saves trees. According to the blog of Epublishers Weekly, the average tree yields approximately 62.5 books. For an avid reader, that might be considered a slow year. If a person listened to audiobooks instead of reading print books, over the course of a life-time he or she could save approximately 60 trees. Many avid and voracious readers consume well over 100 books a year. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, saving the life of a tree can make you feel good about your audiobook purchases.

Now that you have these reasons to get your audio book published, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get my book into an audio book format? Who do I need to work with? Where do I publish my audio book?” Be sure to look for our next posts, AUDIO BOOKS–THE WHO, AUDIO BOOKS–THE HOW and AUDIO BOOKS– THE WHERE.

I’ll cover who you need to work with to get an audio book produced, a bit about how they do it, the pros and cons of narrating an audio book on your own, versus contracting with a professional and where to publish & distribute your audio book.

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