Audio Books–The Where: Findaway Voices

Want to publish your book as an Audio book, but not sure where to distribute it? Read on to find out “The Where” of Audio Book publishing that will give you a wider distribution, more control freedom and flexibility: Findaway Voices.

In our last blog, Audio Books–The WHERE: Audible/ACX, we discussed the pros and cons of distributing your audio book thru the biggest and most well-known distribution channel: Audible. In this blog, we will discuss an option for distributing your audio book that may give you more freedom and flexibility:

Overview of Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices, a division of Findaway, launched in 2017 to give indie authors and small publishers the ability to create, market and sell their audio books all over the world, with more control, freedom and flexibility. With Findaway Voices, the author/rights holder retains all the rights to their audio books, has more control over the list price, more distribution options than with Audible/ACX, all with a non-exclusive contract. But you will give up some royalties in return.


Distribution Channels direct to consumer: Besides distributing your audio book through Audible and iTunes, Findaway Voices also distributes through Kobo, Walmart, Google Play, NOOK Audiobooks, Playster, Scribd,  hibooks,, Beek, eStories, Instaread, Downpour, 3-Leaf Group,, 24Symbols, and Hummingbird.

Libraries: In addition, you can also make your audio book available to library patrons through Findaway Voice’s relationship with Overdrive, hoopla, 3Leaf Group, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, EBSCO, Follett, Odilo, Mackin, Perma-Bound and Wheelers.

An author can pick and choose which channels they wish to distribute through: all of them, one of them, or several of them

Regional Distributions: Findaway Voices has distribution outlets that market your audio book in over 170 countries throughout the world. To facilitate this, Findaway Voices has narrators in their talent pool who can perform in 30 languages other than English. They do not provide translation services, so you will need to provide a copy of your manuscript in the language(s) of your choice.

Exclusivity and Royalties

Non-Exclusive Distribution: Findaway Voices’ contracts with its rights holders are 100% non-exclusive.  A non-exclusive distribution means that you are immediately able to sell your completed audio book through any distribution channel, store or in any other format, such as on CD, that you choose. Note that a rights holder who wishes to distribute exclusively through one distribution channel, in order to obtain a higher royalty, may not do so through Findaway Voices.

Royalties: Each distribution channel has their own royalty schedule. Regardless, the Rights Holder gets 80% of the royalties collected and Findaway Voices gets 20%. This is how they stay in business. Note also, that, if you distribute through Audible, since it is a non-exclusive contract,  you will earn a 25% royalty rather than 40%.

If a narrator is involved in the production of the audio book, they are always paid for production per finished hour (PFH), since there are no royalties to share.

Other Issues

Gifting:  Some of Findaway Voice’s distributors, such as Audible, restrict gifting of audio books or will not give them out at all if the audiobook is distributed on a non-exclusive contract. If you wish to gift your audio book as a promotion, for charitable reasons, or just so your friends can listen to your audio book, Findaway Voices now offers its own Giveaway Codes, a new marketing tool for authors. Giveaway Codes lets you offer your audiobook to anyone for free, without making them purchase it from a retailer.

Format: Findaway Voices works with each distributor to make sure that the audio book is publishable on their proprietary software. Findaway Voices will not produce your audio book for sale as a CD or DVD, although you are free to do so through another outlet, since your contract is non-exclusive. It’s your audio book! You can market it in any way you wish.

However, through their relationship with Findaway, Findaway Voices is able to publish your audio book for distribution on their popular Playaway device. The audio book is preloaded to the Playaway, which runs on batteries and does not require WiFi access.  There is no download time or set up. This pre-loaded device is simple to use and allows multiple users to access its digital content securely. The Playaway is widely used in circulation libraries and by the military. However, if you are interested in distributing your audio book on a Playaway device, Findaway Voices can facilitate a custom order for you. There is a minimum unit order and the artwork will have different requirements than for the other distribution options.

Stand alone publication of an audio book is possible: Most authors wish to publish their books in as many formats as possible: print and e-book, as well as audio book. While Amazon/Audible requires that you have an e-book published on Amazon in their Kindle format in order to publish and audio book on Audible, Findaway Voices does not have this requirement. If you wish to publish a book solely in audio book format, you can do so through Findaway Voices. If this is the case, note that you must still have an ISBN number for our audio book. Findaway Voices will help you obtain this, if you don’t have it already.

How To Publish an Audio Book through Findaway Voices

First Steps

You will be surprised at how much easier publishing through Findaway Voices will be for you than going through Audible/ACX. You can publish an audio book that you have narrated yourself or you can use one of the narrators from Findaway Voice’s talent pool. You may wish to talk to Findaway Voice’s staff before setting up an account so that you can be familiar with their process and the services that they will provide you.

The following steps are necessary regardless of whether you are planning to narrate the book yourself or are planning to hire a professional narrator.

  1. Verify that you are the rights holder (RH). If you are independently published, then you retain the rights to your audio book. If you have signed a contract with an agent or publisher, you must check your contract. Search for which rights were granted to the publisher, for example, audio, digital or all rights. If the language is unclear, call your agent or attorney. Only proceed if you are the legal RH. Findaway Voices requires this confirmation as the first step.
  2. Go to to set up an account
  3. Tell Findaway Voices about your book project
  4. Agree to their terms

To Narrate & Produce the Book Yourself

  1. Narrate and produce the audio book, using the guidelines provided in Audio Books—The How”
  2. Be sure that your audio files meet audio submission requirements Findaway Voices has a single set of requirements that, when met, allow you to distribute through any of their channels.
  3. Choose the distribution channels through which you wish to market your audio book.
  4. Provide suitable artwork for marketing the audio book
  5. Upload your audio book files to Findaway Voices’ site.

 To Choose a Narrator to Produce your Audio book

  1. Findaway Voices will first review your book, then make recommendations to you about the narrators that are most suited toward your book. The narrators are chosen from Findaway Voices own talent pool. You listen the narrator’s audio samples. You may then send an invitation to some or all of these narrators to submit a custom audition. Findaway Voices will coordinate the auditions for you at no charge and with no obligation to proceed. You may pick a narrator based on the samples alone or after listening to the auditions.
  2. Findaway Voices coordinates with the narrator that you choose to make sure that the audio book files are delivered in a timely manner, and in the format necessary. As each audio file is uploaded, you listen to it and approve or make recommendations for changes or corrections
  3. You approve the final audio file
  4. Findaway Voices publishes the audio book it through the distribution channels you select.

The audio book goes on sale!!!

Throw a launch party, tell all your friends, and start marketing in earnest.

Pretty simple, huh? But now, the real fun starts…promoting and selling your audio book.

In the next post, we will discuss common methods for making sure that your audio book is a hit, in Audio Books—Cracking the Marketing Code


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4 thoughts on “Audio Books–The Where: Findaway Voices”

  1. Just want to thank you for this article and taking the time to write to me privately and answer my questions.

    I have gone ahead and signed up with Findaway Voices… they are exactly perfect for my needs. Files were so much easier to upload than for ACX, and the contract was easier to understand than for Author’s Republic (though they were very nice and responsive to all my questions).

    First time, though that I registered with a site for a service and had NO PROBLEMS, no questions, and everything went smoothly. They definitely know what usability is!
    Thaks for recommending them

  2. Thank you Becky for a very informative blog on audiobook distribution. It was very thorough! It would have taken me days to collect at that information. Findaway Voices sounds like the perfect solution for our audiobook of Private Lucky, by Melissa Guzzetta.

    I’ve bookmarked your website and will be back to read more blogs!

    All the best,
    Loraine Heald
    Good Luck Publishing

    1. Thank you, Loraine, for your kind words. I really need to update this blog post as Findaway Voices now has a royalty share contract that Rights holders and narrators can use. Their promotion code program has changed (as has ACX/Audibles). While many of their employees are working from home due to the current COVID 19 pandemic and I don’t know what their turn around time is at the moment, I think that you will be very happy with them overall.

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